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If you are interested in Anarchaserver architecture, hosting services & data, future plans, and how to get involved read the following page.

Anarchaserver architecture

Living data container

We talk about living data when data needs to remain available online. We range under living data the contents of this mediawiki and the WordPress farm Zoia Horn.


This is our wiki that you are reading at the moment. Here we provide space for documenting our work setting up and inhabiting AS and how to engage and get involved and for documenting feminist infrastructure herstory, initiatives and events such as the TransHackFeminist Convergences.

Zoia Horn

This is our feminist multisite blogging platform based on Wordpress. At the moment we are beta-testing different blogs and use cases. We hope to be able in the future to provide wordpress to feminists collectives that require one for documenting and communicating about what they do. Check it out:

Zoiahorn blog for documenting anarcha physical interface and new blogs inhabited in this container.

Feminist futurotopias workshops

Mi sexualidad es una creación artística

Collective memories

A cyberfeminist repository] for archiving images, sounds and videos set up with piwigo Container repository.

Transitional data container

We talk about transitional data when data needs to remain available only for a while and then should be erased properly. We have set up specific services such as:

Dead data container

We talk about dead data when data has gone offline and it needs to be archived in a way that it remains possible to bring it back to life again. Our nekrofeminist cemetery is oriented at feminist websites and projects that are offline and could become zombie data. Archived data:

More information


Future is now: Milestones

Roadmap To do List 2019.

Roadmap To do List 2020

Maintenance & Infrastructure
Installing/Testing hardware +distribution

How to set up a LXC container to host others web applications with Linux Containers (LXC)

    • Intermittent > In transition encrypted data transfer, survey's,..., Yunohost installation >> How to use yunohost
    • Nekrocemetery > zombie sites
    • Living data > blogging platform & documentation,
    • Repository > Repository Image, sound, video - a media repository: Piwigo


Get involved

Anarchaserver is an open project, even though moderated where we privilege trust, consensus, autonomy and feminist collaboration for deciding our next adventures in inhabiting AS in synthony with other feminist servers initiatives.

To coordinate among ourselves, we privilege the no pressure policy for advancing tasks that are freely chosen based on the energy, dreams and availability of AS habitants.

We are using different means and tools to coordinate and advance the different tasks among ourselves. If you want to get involved, check out our current Channels of communication.