Channels of communication

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Channels of communication and tools we use in AS thanks to other femservers



We setup a general email address: [] so you can contact anarchaserver.

The password of the email account is distributed among the sysadmins. To manage the email account: there's a large button "My account" if you want to access it from a client,


For creating the internal AS mailing list, we used Mailman which is already installed on the

Here is the info of our list The list can only be accessed by active sysadmins and their trusted inner circle, people engaged with an ongoing praxis on anarchaserver.


A general public list oriented at people interested in feminist servers has been created, you can visit and register here:

HowTo manage accounts and access archives

MAILING LIST TransHAckFeminist

Join the mailing list which is used also for the organisation of the next THF and public announcements of the anarchaserver milestones. Present yourself to the admins and then to the list. The list is in spanglish, which means that all messages should be sent including a translation to spanish or english.


For more information, come and join in our IRC channel, the channel is for all feminist servers. channel: #femservers host: port: 9999

If you are using the TOR network, the IRC server hidden service address wi7qkxyrdpu5cmvr.onion

This is a general howto:

For client configuration, read these howtos: X-Chat: Pidgin: xchataqua (for Mac OS X):

You can also connect through a web interface:


We use a pad hosted by to collaboratively write our to do lists, follow up on our milestones and to fine tune our conceptual framework.


We have a group in the gitlab instance of systerserver where we list our issues and to do tasks.


Our budget is hosted in an online ethercalc hosted by