Document we explain steps for on boarding a new member

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  • You can send an email to ping at anarchaserver dot org explaining who are you, why are you interested in joining AS, what are the areas you feel you could contribute to the maintenance of AS and/or if you know an AS team member you can directly contact her and s/he will fwd your email to us.
  • AS team members will discuss the proposal and if there is consensus and interest among its team, will invite you for an online meeting to get to know each other better.
  • Before our online meeting, we recommend you as a starter to read about the AS architecture and AS roles. From there, you can lay out questions, doubts or possible areas of interests and discuss those with us during the meeting. From there, depending of what you are interested in contributing to, you will have a collaborative working session with one or various sysadmin of AS that can provide you with guidance regarding your proposal.
  • If that first experience was nice for both sides, a new meeting will be set up for adding you to the different communication channels of AS including the wiki (for documentation), the gitlab (for tasks), the mailing list (for communication) and ssh/public hey (for sysadmin AS).