Open Street Map Mapping Party

From Anarchaserver Maps as: 1. technical instruments, used for visualisation 2. political tools - i.e. map of freedom and restriction, showing power 3. artwork 4. social products - expert vs collaborative mapping - authoritative vs. playful OSM:

   - personal experience
   - local / tacit knowledge
   - memories
   - identities
   - belongings
   - emotions
   - ideologies
   - philosophies

OSM free software started 10 years ago by Steve Coast - social ingagement, mapping parties - humanitarian mapping - crisis mapping (mapping resources, mapping in case of disasters), OSM for accesibilities - fast updates: new shops, new countries, new city plans - MORE MAPPERS ARE NEEDED - knowledge making - observing, classifying, sorting things out, linking, socialising - mapping trees, animals, postcodes - so not copy data from google - copyright, data quality - importancy of mapping with local people - politicysing the current state of OSM: CCTV, benches, car parks, recycling, parks - WHAT'S MISSING? - MAPPING TIPS:

   - photo mapping - reference based, matching photo and camera data


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