Que es genitalismo?/What Is Genitalism?

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Antigenitalism histories on berlin genitalism: term used from a male in berlin. based on genitals, cromosoms, other fisicals apspects. genitalism is a fact in all state--> you are assigned a gender depending on your genitals. interpretation. most of people dont question this assignment. consequences of this assignment:

   - mutilations of genitals (intersex assignment to a gender in concret) [many cases: psyquiatric/torturated/]

reducing sex or gender by genitals (genitalism) affects other beings and object (sculptures) --> this has many consequences in science. -->stadistics and therefore everything. Aktivist and empowerment movement in berlin -- lots of them using trans, transgender, transexual (concepts) this exclusions are the same as before but today the only aspect they have change are the terms. (just like the term bio-hombre bio-mujer) --> the separation and exclusion is the same. more History in feminism spaces (in berlin) in many places people are excluded because of physic or visiones propias de uno mismo. [lookism] lookism --> apparencies left side movements: antipsyquiatric movement - --> spaces where they accept or not concrete type of surgery. julia serrano - whipping all --> nice book of the topic this topic is getting more and more typical issue about: femme exclusion LGTBDKGÑKA NO CONXCENS ABOUT CONCEPTS --> NOT TOGHETHER 300 years (but specially in the last century) gender or sex was assigned through the genitals or expressions or clothes... etc.. hermaphroditism operation methods, women with peanus treated as expermiments, stablished terms inter-trans-cis --> cis is next // trans is oppostit or the other side // inter is in between in science in the begin of the 20 century. after that began the era of facism and nacional socialism. people scientifically assigned transvestite, transsexual where etiquetados like male-homosexuals and put in camps. victims of fexism. and where not regarded as victim of fexism (no momenument, or written...) USA and britain, --> homosexuals treated with hormons (alan turin) --> if you dont behave in the rol that the goverment assigned you and wants you to behave, you take hormons. 60 century psyquiatrics are reconsidered as science. .--> stablish what is mental disease and what is not [book that has more and more pages] intersexualism will be soon concluded as a gender incongruence....... --> psyquic disease people try to split gender // sex. diagnose transvestite disorder tradition to take a therapy but by now you can ONLY be legally a MAN or WOMAN. if your gender or sex doesnt agree with your genitals you are considered a mentally disorder (or you need surgery or hormons or you are crazy) --> this augmento the mutilation of people considered intersex in lobbys they started to let doctors to decide and make decisions. movements actuals STP Stop Trans Pathologisation .---- esterilization of people to not spread their mentally illnes ¿??¿WTF SINCE NOW the laws havent changed, nor the situation. gender assignment or sex assignment has a lot of bad consequences with social issues [bathrooms, entrance of parties, payments, anything regarde to official documents, police, many professions, gynecologist] example: if u are a male assignment and you dont have private sanitary you dont get the treatment or necessity you need. suicides. specially in the 90s. rainbow press. ---> suicide more cheap than surgery Aktivism generalisation of terms official assignment zara help! if you want to do aktivism on gender or sex wherre? who's definitions? how? in aktivism spaces they generally dont allow you to enter in lobbys. in psyquiatric lobbys. you cant do anything against this lobbyes ( that are directly affecting to the state and viceversa) important to put to influence to the media, publicity,..

   --> ANtigenitalism movement: aktivist movement
   - language claim: change of language and not reproducing patriarcal language.    ( any categorization means you dont accept the person and generates the same consequences)   important to work against generalization, 
   - we consider biological sex as a construction
   wrong assign: it is a term that describes that you have an assignment but anything else. but they cosider is better to use wrong assign instead of trans... 
   the same happens if you say your gender is queer or w/e it also have sense cause this also mean that your gender was not well assigned

   EVERYBODY SHOULD SPEAK of their own  and sensibilze in each contents. every person/group has to decide which terms are correct or not
   Actions --> many places. 
   trying to build new symbols, books, stories... HERSTORY
   EVERYTHIng has to be started from the beginning. 
   dont blame my body, blame your education program
   dont blame my body, blame your perception

book --> new point of reserach on genes, biology, genders.... --> history of sex and body images. "making sex revisited" heinz juergen voss

   last demands 
   no sex entries!
   able to change your name or gender at any time
   stop discriminisation   --- water makes money (film)
   lots of actions against the UN
   All psyquiatric, doctors blabla are considered as bad ofensive from thepatriarcal state
   important to create new media, events with no estereotipes or sexual hierachies. 
   terms like "assign" --> might be right or wrong, it is up to you
   eveyone should chose their own language, accepting it --> asking the people in question how they want to be categorized or called.