Open Space Technology & Setting the Tone

From Anarchaserver

Question posed: What is transhack feminism? Anne starts the introduction to the event with that being a question, that it has started in Spain. It is not just about trans people or feminism, main focus on hacking. [M. do you have things to contribute, you were in Calafou. She does not have much to say] Showing the agenda, describing openspace technology

Main thematic is "hacking with care" so there is the chill zone, the chill hacking for napping, taking care, etc. There is also the truck...Mag. notes it will need We also have no internet! That is also a thing people will be working on this morning

In the spirit of the participatory event, lunch is participatory, potluck lunch -- can buy already made food if we want If you feel you want to contribute to the very small budget of the THF there is a very small donation box There is a beautiful map from far away for understanding Montreal -- the park is going to be a space where we can meet if it is sunny there Talks about other spaces for meeting: QPRIG and consent for men, while wely wely want happens here, also event at casa obscura,

goes on to explain the 4 principles

    - Whoever comes is the right person. Thematics in the call, downsizes trolls, people who are just here to argue
    - It starts when it starts
    - What happens is the only thing that could happen
    - when it's over ... it's over

The law of two feet: "if you are not learning nor contributing,

Different roles [3] -- person who hosts should think about documentation and who can do the documentation

    1. Subject maintainer
    2. Note taker(s)
    3. Dynamic Waver

3 Tips:

    1. Be brief and direct
    2. Attack Ideas not people
    3. Welcome diversity (it makes the subject richer)

After talking about documentation, the non-working Mac that is here for everyone, the possibility of hacking the Mac machine and bootstrapping it with Linux, Anne sits down and opens the floor for introductions,

    - Give pronoun/name
    - How are you feeling?
    - What you need?
 the 9 of us introduce ourselves

Anne starts going over agenda, that we will add things, that we might adjust the times/timing Also that there will have tasks that are disaggregated, etc.

We get postcards and write what we hope to present to put on the agenda. I am a little anxious writing without thinking and then realizing

Person running consent workshop: Workshop from france, switzerland, an anaarchist group of people that are running this workshop For trans, genderqueer & women only Really important to be there at the beginning, you can leave whenever you want if you want to, but it's really really difficult to welcome people into a trusting and comfortable space The workshop is a whole process, the whole workshop is constructed with meaningful organization [thus important to be there at beginning]

    - Was planning to do it in French, can manage to translate it. It will be better to have a common language
    - She then puts the postcard up
    - "It will be here" Anne writes out an "A" space card for it

Angie presents her and Sara's workshop

    "Playing with epistemic power"
    About their collaboration after the last 10-11 years. A process they are trying to articulate how they think about critical science literacy. Thinking about the different kinds of power that different kinds of knowledges
    - Have some activities plan, an exerciese that is used in class for learning a speicific methodology for understanding basic science articles
    - Create new examples or new working models
    - Put it this afternoon, but good to have internet for it, so need to see if there will be internet
    - Can shift, can move it

Maggie presents her idea for a workshop

    - Discussion about cycle of menstruation and embroidery
    - There was a time it was really powerful, the woman was gathering around the full moon, it was a really powerful moment
    - But in these times it's seen as a burden, there's an erasure, a covering up, feeling embarrassed
    - Other workshop is creating a survival kit and discussion about autonomous space and infrastructure, started a book on houses, but wants to complete the book of houses, what are other houses we could think about
    - The truck is here today and tomorrow, saturday she has to go, so trying to figure out timing

M. presents the visit to the anaracha server, there is no location yet on the agenda, so let's call this the G-spot.

    - we will go together to the G spot, if it you want to join of course
    - 200 de sue spot, it's where occupy Montreal happened -- it's a huge tower
    - It's not a physical  body G-spot, but it's a virtualization. The G-spot of a virtual machine. Which we thought was located in Montreal, but it might be shifting from Montreal. We tried to visit the physical space of the anarcha server -- so at 4 pm we are supposed to be there
    - We can not take photos, but we can take live drawings -- it's netelligence -- the Cumbit servers are there there -- we could look at the machine
    - You need a valid ID the visit is very short. It's about 10 minutes
    - At 3:30 we need to take the Metro in order to get there. 

M. then presents the Cryptodance workshop

    - Cryptography and collective embodiment, the performance or doing on Saturday
    - And then another meeting/discussion about it on Thursday

I present soldering/sound. M. gets annoyed that we are not following the exact scheduling of what people are following on-line -- it should have been Saturday morning, but Anne intimated that it should happen Friday evening. I go with what she suggest without thinking of the original schedule or intents. As I realize what is going on, I realize I am doing my workshop after the very long workshop that might be emotionally draining. Maybe it

Then we sign up for the small daily tasks to help keep things going and flowing:

    coffee/tea, trash, facilitation, cleaning dishes, light/sound

Sara asking a question -- how do people feel about being photographed

    - Everyone fine except for M. :: wanting it to be non-identificatiable [hands, back of head OK]

We launch off into the fixing morning!

    - House gets made with the help of someone on the street with a ladder
    - Printer is hooked up, drivers downloaded, working
    - Router retrieved from Anne's house and hooked up to fix the Internet that is down due to power outages