R R/R Radio Ramona and Ruelles

From Anarchaserver
= an intermediair which enables 2 systems to communicate with each other
= a set of rules or procedures for transmitting data, preexisting agreement as to how the information will be structured and how each side will send and receive it.
= vibration sound waves travel much like ripples over the water

sound = vibration: we take a container, put some plastic on top and some sugar or coffee, when we hit with a stick on a pan/pot or a trompet, coffee will move

= vibration per second --> Hertz

The electromagnetic spectrum --> power - telephone - radio/tv - microwave - ir - uv - x rays

spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping-> hedy lemar was a pioneer wifi connexions. dif freq: lower are the highest, smaùl instruments and the higher are the lower freq, big instruments 20 hz and 20khz is the range we hear. device neurologic: it measures your brain waves.

  • delta brain waves: 0.5 to 4 Hz
  • theta brain 4 to 8 Hz
  • alpha 8 12 Hz
  • beta 13 to 30hz --> 30hz is where the voice starts.

am --> amplitude modulation fm --> frequency modulation


FM RADIO signal --> transducer (it makes this freq to an electric signal) ---> transmitters (antenna) --> electromagnetic wave --<-receiver <-- transducer <-- antenna

ramona (radio/character) --> common voice

Mobile streaming unit: raspberry pi + battery + microphone + soundcard + usb hub (to split voltages)

icecast2 streaming --> program for streaming liquidsoap ==> radio manager when it has no connection it automatically connects to the playlist. it is scrpited so that it reconnects by their own.

Phone. train-. data connection. from your laptop without internet . only in the phone. you can make a WIFI SPOT from yourpphone. who is interested in setting a radio with raspberry please follow the documentation below:

https://hackerspace.be/Radio-ruelle https://ooooo.be/ruelles