Roadmap To do List 2019

From Anarchaserver


It would be good to have an online meeting some of us with them, maybe start sharing email to get invited > check the tasks list > online meeting > joining AS mailing list > discussing whay we want to do + with whom and set up of meetings among ourselves

ToDo 14 04 2019

  • implement a back up system of livingdata and repository containers

DONE 2018

add small introductory text

  • migration to new wiki
  • activate femservers list (we already met with gaba to distribute some tasks and do it between January and February)
  • SSL certificate for transitional VM fixed

quien/who: spideralex, gaba

Areas of possible work

Do we want statistics? Install matomo?

Develop security for all the VM (more for the living data and transitional and less for nekro?)

Cover anarchaserver:

  • Include one new image after landpage of ASm remove current links form image, idea would be to click on AS and get to a new image that draws/presents the different VM and resources in AS
  • include link to nekrofeminist cementry (as it is a zombi archive should we call it marie laveau >
  • include link to transitional VM

VM living data:


> si que vendría bien un trabajo de reorganizar los contenidos *  generar traducciones al castellano 

quien/who: spideralex, anamhoo

falta documentar:

Instalacion VPN - Marla ?

Creacion nekorfeminist cementery - Spideralex + b01 (gendersec wiki, dump db * mediafolder * static copy)

WP farm

Migration to new version WP farm done

Now need to be tested and pass some blogs to friends for using these

Develop a plan of secruity for the WP farm

Start offer some wp with our security limitations

VM transitional data:

Reinstall the ynh in VM + set up zerobin, poll/calendar and jirafeau

Test services

Offer services to femservers community, THF but also the igt community

Create accounts for all the people in admin

Activate limesurvey

Maybe activate lists of tasks to do to check if we want to use it for listing tasks of AS

quien/who: spideralex, anamhoo, martu, testing


- think a system of back up for transitional data, where and how long?

> in Marta Synology hard disk threw vpn ? it's on the way

> in server

who/quien: gaba, martu, check with marthe y marla

VM repository collective memories:

- keep working on the repo and make it public one of these days


the terms of service for VM living data as well as of VM collective memories (already prepare some terms for VM transitional data) remain to be done:

we still have to think about the privacy policy: