Roadmap To do List 2020

From Anarchaserver

Migrate to new machine in new server (Anoia > Anna (US) Moving to Binti > Ursula (SE)

Install Debian Stable (Done)

Set up full disk encryption (Done)

back up tunnel HOW TO REACH NAS

Install and configure some security things : ssh server iptable + ufw fail2ban things like chkrootkit rkhunter etckeeper ? configure an everyday mail report sent to sysadmins ? Install and configure some softwares on the host : apache2 LXC

Reinstall AS by testing current back up system with duplicity


Add new documentation and migrate to gitlab in systerserver of tech documentation

Reframe current wiki page:

Offering AS services to others (femservers and gendersec people?)

Discuss how, when, how, mount of people we can support, privacy policy (check this draft:, etc