Terms of Use and Feminist Science Fiction Narrative

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What are the logics behind the names/pseudo/avatars we have chosen for ourselves?

Spideralex comes from character spider jerusalem (comic transmetropolitan), Saxwakuy was a pseudo I used a long time ago and that means masturbation in quechua, it is related to the anarchaserver because of the anarchaGland (eyaculation gland), Os[k]offva (he let a blank in its name) is related to when I was leaving in Bulgaria. Misfita comes from the word misfit brought to Spanish in feminine, Geeksha is a name from 8 years I only use for computer thing, it was a mix between geisha and geek, Archegonia is the gonada, the reproductive organs of the plants, maxigas is from cartoon i used to watch as a kid (lesmondes engloutis based on another civilisation on the centre of earth and pirates chasing them and they were punks mohak and a pirate radio), ooooo used to be bolwerk and use to be 4 o as sound, images, text are the signifier and in form it will become signified and it will provide a meaning, last 0 is content...and now it is a collective body, constellation of people, an alter that people inhabits to communicate about specific projects .. jiga is about bayaga (the dark women in each women that exist, it is your shadow) and she collapse and she become jiga; carmen > where in the world is carmen sandiego was an apple computer game > then a tv show > catch a international criminal > was an educational game to learn about geographies -> she was the mastermind stealing international monuments, etc. (international positive terrorism). Rita P , in a time when we are doing civil disobedience - i used it cause it is multilingual and easy. Dulzet, surround collectives, developing her brother called her like that when she was young. Arikia , ariki is the name of the street she lived in during her stay in new Zealand. It means queen in maori. Samba came from the hacklab in Turin: he is half brazilian, so you know how to configure samba. Samba is a program which allows file sharing between windows - linux. KPTZ keep it cool, keep it easy - I explain a lot of things..so lets' keep it easy . Laveau fought against colonial repression, she died when she was 100 years old. Aka like 'alka, avatars. Somalo is coming from the vivienda's. Gosie, called to hand wash hand, she used to communicate with to people, which had face. like No name Cyborgyns a name when I decided to dream a person who is into technology . D-tron , no intelligible reason _ it was a fiction child of a friend, who would dress up, Sendeira da quebrada, a path, a backalley in a river, when the river gets obstructed, stopped and spideralex mama > troll will not enter in the server.