The Fellatio Modification Project

From Anarchaserver

Abstract: The  Fellatio Modification Project is a series of oral modifications with dental technology and tissue  engineering. The purpose of this project is to enhance the physical  pleasure of having oral sex in gay people.  Metodology: There are 3 stages in this project. For more infor visit: bioArt Taiwan Stage 1: Modify  the orthodontic retainer that would be worn by patients by  covering  the upper palate of the retainer with soft denture reline material,  which emulates real soft tissue, to create an embossed surface. During oral sex, the back and forth contacts with the raised surface would enhance the physical pleasure.  Stage 2 : Enable  for the raised surface from the orthodontic retainer to have a  closer  resemblance to the actual oral tissues, I replace the soft  denture  reline material with tissues constructed from tissue-engineering   technology. Stage 3: I no longer use orthodontic retainer as a tool to enhance the pleasure  from oral sex. Instead, I will surgically implant real embossed soft  tissue constructed by engineering technology on the upper palate of the   patient, thus creating a permanent modification to the oral cavity   structure.   Most  medical technologies are used for curing diseases, healing  injured  bodies, and restoring to patients to perform normal functions,  but this  project is using the technology to extend the oral function.  There are  three main functions of oral cavity: aesthetics,  pronunciation, and  chewing. However this project will focus on another  function: “Sex”,  which is never mentioned on textbooks. There is no  denying that human  beings always have the desire to pursue the physical  pleasure of sex.  Therefore, this project wants to discuss the relations  among sex,  technology, human and the society. It attempts to push the  limits and  possibilities of body modification. This  project is a cooperation between Fred Kuang-Yi Ku from bioArt Taiwan with Dr. Yuan-Min Lin’s Tissue Engineering  and  Regenerative Medicine Laboratory in the Department of Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University.