UpStage, plataforma de codigo abierto para cyberperformaces/Upstage, open source platform for cyberperformance

From Anarchaserver


(Helen already started the presentation, i'm late, sorry) UPSTAGE (works with flash / shockwave plugin) create media, upload and then play with it Upstage basically takes the window as a stage Like in theater, you can be multi players, ---------> to sign in real time working with media (images, animation, audio, livestream, live drawing...) made by several ppl & uploaded before ////// audio files have to be mp3 ////// chat window for the audience ---> reactions & discussions from the inside : everybody see the same things there's a voice also a drawing tool [EXPLORING MOMENT] everyone is invited to test, upload media & try 1 creating a stage : uploading : //// you can delete a stage but the media won't delete ///// evrybody has access to all the media content, so you don't have an avatar to represent you (you can have one but everybody can control it) creative commons policy try to make your media as small as u can when u upload, so it doesnt take so much time for limit : 1Mb but ask Helen if u need more